About the mineral water of Jermuk the first historical references begin from 189 BC since the construction of the fortress Jermuk. Since ancient times people have used the magic properties of Jermuk mineral water for the treatment of various diseases. Strong evidence of this is the basins built in Armenia in the Middle Ages and then rebuilt in 1860.

Jermuk mineral water production began in 1951. Due to its useful properties and extraordinary taste Jermuk mineral water in a short time became popular in Armenia and in the entire Soviet Union.


Construction of a new modern plant of the company JERMUK GROUP founded by Ashot Arsenyan. The plant, which is built near the mineral water well and equipped with modern technologies, allows for bottling the water according to the relevant European standards.


The export of Jermuk mineral water to the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the UAE, Europe and the USA has begun.


In 2016 a completely new state-of-the-art plant JERMUK GROUP was built in Jermuk City. The new plant is located near the well of a mineral spring, thanks to which water retains all its useful properties, a special and mild flavor, remaining an environmentally pure product.

The new plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and fully automated. Thanks to this plant, it has become possible to increase the volume of bottled water and to satisfy the increasing demand especially for exports.